Argo: new DCS campaign for the UH-1 coming soon

Mar 21, 2017 | by Sérgio Costa
Are you looking for something more to do with your UH-1? You'll be able to with the new DCS campaign which should be out soon.

Gregzagk, from the DCS forums just finished his campaign, called Argo, which is currently under review by Eagle Dynamics.

Here's the full description of the project, as per his own words:

Argo is the new DLC campaign for the DCS World's UH-1H module that puts you in the seat of a Hellenic Army Aviation pilot recently transferred to the Navy. It consists of fifteen (15) demanding missions that includes a variety of tasks such as flying in all weather conditions, conducting Search and Rescue, Cargo delivery, Troops transport and Antisubmarine warfare.

“Argo” takes you one step further from the famous “UN Pilot” Huey Campaign which was available after the release of the module, since it puts you in a whole new environment. Most of the missions start or end aboard FFG-46 Argo frigate, a task that by it self is demanding since you have take off and land on a ship. Sometimes in night and in bad weather conditions.

There are many cases during the campaign that the pilot will have to rely on its flight instruments even without the use of NVGs. For this campaign, more than 300 voice overs were made by various actors from different countries trying to make them as realistic as possible. It is also worth mentioning that the campaign includes more than 100 pages of documentation and charts.

A big effort was also made in order that the campaign will be as realistic as possible. For that there is no use of non-realistic scenarios during the missions and all the cargo loads and crew weights were calculated.

Since you are assigned with the role of a Hellenic pilot, the UH-1H uses the Greek aviation skins and badges that are available through the DCS mission editor. The main idea behind this campaign scenario, is that the Hellenic Government signed with the United States a partially funded assistance program, which included the purchase of 4x retired Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigates of the US Navy. The Hellenic Government due to military budget cutbacks decided to upgrade ten UH-1Hs and make them suitable for Naval Operations. This event got you transferred by an Army Aviation Unit located in Greece’s mainland to a frigate. The campaign makes full use of the UH-1H capabilities and its weaponry and sometimes it even exceeds it.

For this reason, the player must be familiar and feel comfortable with the airframe. Extensive use also of radio navigation and weaponry is made. Even though the pilot will have to operate in an exercise environment, the story has many surprises inspired by true facts that occurred both in the past and present time. Since the use of Hueys in modern warfare and especially in Naval operations is considered by many obsolete, the player will have to prove that the helicopter is still worthy and holds a place in modern combat operations.

A few words about me.

Callsign 373vFS_Greg, ED Forum username: gregzagk

Got into mission designing with combat flight simulators since 2006. As member and leader of Greek virtual squadrons, I was responsible of creating missions for training but also for multiplayer events purposes. Along with 373vFS squadron we launched & hosted our first DCS World events on 2012. Since then I gained a lot of experience in DCS World mission designing and events handling as we had a great number of collaborations with other DCS World squadrons & Lone wolves. On 2014 along with Xcom & Crash we founded the “Buddyspike” team & website with the purpose of hosting and organizing online events for the DCS World Community. Later on Ciribob joined the team and together we are responsible of hosting the popular “Blue Flag” server.

Release date

Argo should be released in the beginning of April. Stay tuned, folks!


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