Eagle Dynamics AH-64D Apache for DCS

The update comes directly from ED. On the official forums, Matt Wagner commented the following:

DCS: AH-64D has entered Closed Beta Testing, and this is a significant milestone. Our Closed Beta Test team consists of many community members that assist us in testing new modules near the tail-end of development as an addition quality control step. This has proved valuable for us to help identify bugs in highly complex modules that requires many eyes to ensure thorough testing.

We sincerely thank all our Closed Beta Testers for their time and hard work. Testing is not always fun; it can be tireless work.

A critical aspect of the Closed Beta Test effort is network play. This has historically been an area more difficult to test internally because of the requirement for many players online. Yesterday, the Closed Beta Test team conducted their first large-scale network test with excellent results. We hope you enjoy the attached images.

We understand that you are eager for the release, and we are working at full speed to make this happen. We are still on track for an Early Access release before the end of March 2022. Thank you for your patience and support; it will be worth it.

Kind regards,


You can find the post here. Good news? You bet! A project entering beta stage means all the planned features are in and the software is ready to enter the last stages of development. It is not clear if we will have a public beta, but that could happen before release.

Eagle Dynamics AH-64D Apache for DCSEagle Dynamics AH-64D Apache for DCSEagle Dynamics AH-64D Apache for DCS