Aerofly FS2 EC-135

If you own Aerofly FS2 and you’re keen on helicopters, here’s some good news: the new EC-135 for this sim is now out and included in your sim, free of charge!

The EC-135 was developed in collaboration with pilots that belong to our community and you can now take her for a spin in one of the best flight dynamics sim out there at the moment.

Aerofly FS2 EC-135Aerofly FS2 EC-135

If you don’t have Aerofly FS2, you really are missing out. Although the lacks a few features that you see on other sims, the VR experience is incredible, the graphics are really nice and the flight dynamics for helicopters are top notch. The R-22 is absolutely incredible!

You can get Aerofly FS2 on the link below (just click the huge button).