AeroFly FS2 menu - helicopter settings

This version is surely faster and smoother. Vulkan, while not a miracle worker, is allowing IPACS to increase the performance of the sim, which is a great addition for both VR and the future of the sim. With more complexity (on weather, models, water and other features we still don't have on the sim), we will need every single FPS we can.

What's in for the helicopter pilots? Well, nothing yet. Except...

On the settings menu, we can now find a new tab, dedicated to helicopters. While it seems it may have been forgotten there before the release (there's no date for the release of the R-22 and the icon is a fixed-wing aircraft -- which I suspect should be changed prior to the official launch), it's still there, which is a huge shout out (and perhaps even some teasing) to our community.