Multiplayer session in X-Plane

For those that are eager to fly with their fellow helicopter pilot friends, we are making available a nice, easy way for you to join in your multiplayer sessions.

Using JoinFS, it is now possible for FSX, P3D and X-Plane pilots to share the virtual skies! All you need to do is install the JoinFS (currently 3.2.17), set it up and join us. It’s that simple and that easy.

Why JoinFS?

JoinFS allows us to have a lightweight form for our users to gather around a central point and connect to the same multiplayer session. Although, theoretically, there is no need to have a hub working 24/7 (since users can connect to each other), having a public hub offers a convenient and easy way for everyone to join us.

JoinFS Hub

JoinFS works in a decentralized way, meaning that, even if the main hub goes down, your multiplayer session will go on. Having a hub is just an easy way for everyone to join the same session.

The easiest way to join our hub, once you install and set everything up, is to open the hub list (View -> Hubs), clicking on our hub (called and hitting the ‘Join’ button.

JoinFS Hubs

An alternate way is to enter our address ( manually in the main window and clicking ‘Join’.

JoinFS - Join

Voice communication

For voice communication we use Discord, a free text and voice communication application. You can download it for free here.

After you install it, join our channel.

Need help?

JoinFS’ website has a manual available which should make everything nice and easy for you.

You can join our Facebook Group and ask for help (this is the preferred method if you cannot get around the manual instructions) or contact us directly.