Kamov Ka-32

Kamov Ka32

Ka-32/27 Community Freeware for X-Plane 11

About the project

The Helix Collective project in a nutshell

The Helix Collective is a team comprised of highly experienced members of the helicopter flight simulation community that decided to work together on to develop a free, high-quality, high-fidelity Kamov Ka-32/27 helicopter for X-Plane.

Most of those involved in the project have experience in software or add-on development and have been delivering commercial-grade products throughout their careers.

Kamov Ka-32

Project Status

Any aircraft is a challenge to produce and helicopters even more so. You can follow our progress here but please keep in mind the team is not working on this project full-time and there is no schedule or release date either set or estimated at this time.

Please visit this page often to stay in touch or follow us on social media (you can find our links at the bottom of the page).

Exterior Model

Exterior Texture

Interior Model

Interior Texture


Avionics and Systems



Flight Dynamics


The Team

The People Behind the Project Helix Collective
Beejay Bristow-Stagg

Beejay Bristow-Stagg

Systems, Flight Dynamics, and 3D Rigging

BeeJay aka “OzWookiee” has been a part of the HeliSimmer.com community for the past 5 years, has contributed to many community projects and was the driver behind the MD500 update for XP11. He has since made the leap to become a “professional” Third Party Developer for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator, heading up the team at Big Radials.

Joe Kipfer

Joe Kipfer

Systems and Sounds

Joe started SimVRlabs, a group that helps developers get tight VR interaction into their sim aircraft. He also develops mods to enhance aircraft realism, systems, sounds, particles, and has made weather, gliding, and mission-based add-ons. Joe makes YouTube tutorials to teach how he does it, and he made a payware add-on for crop dusting (AirSpray).

Johan Näsström

Johan Näsström

Instruments, Systems

With a huge passion for Soviet aircraft in flightsim, Johan has been assisting in different projects through his time in the hobby. If it has a green cockpit, Johan has flown it.

Matt Wynn

Matt Wynn

2D Texture Art

Matt has a vast experience working as a texture artist for several high profile projects such as the Heatblur F-14 for DCS and SWS products like the Kodiak 100 for MSFS.

Sebastian Darrel

Sebastian Darrel

Co-Founder, 3D Artist

Sebastian has been developing Flight Sim add-ons as a hobby since Flight Simulator 98, now works as a full time 3D artist for Orbx.

He has a soft spot for weird Russian aircrafts, loves coaxial rotors.

Sérgio Costa

Sérgio Costa

Co-Founder, Project Coordination, Community and Communication management

With over 25 years of experience in flight simulation, Sérgio is HeliSimmer.com's editor and writer and one of the Three Grumpy Simmers, a YouTube series and Podcast produced together with YouTubers Bel Geode and NovaWing24.

Stefan Schroen

Stefan Schroen

Art, Communication, Design

Stefan has been a multi-interested designer since 2004 and specialized in corporate identity and product placement. His passion, however, is repainting airplanes and helicopters, in addition to developing strange scenery add ons. He is an enthusiastic fan of storytelling without words and uses his expertise in this area to give his developments depth.


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November 12, 2021