A call to arms to helicopter flight sim companies- FSE 2019

Flight simulation events, such as FlightSim Expo need the presence of companies to survive and thrive. We are doing a call to arms!

A lot of the work I do with HeliSimmer is done behind-the-scenes.

There are a lot of contacts, emails exchanged and private messaging that I do and, obviously, you never get to know about it. It's part of my daily routine of what my good friend and fellow Grumpy Simmer Bel Geode calls "professional nagging".

Today, after the official press-release from FlightSim Expo about the next event in Orlando, Florida, I sent some emails to a few developers and hardware developers in order to rally them up in order for our community -- the helicopter flight simmers -- to have a bigger presence and voice.

I decided to also make it publicly available. An open-letter to everyone in the community that, hopefully, will convince some companies to be present (we need you there, folks) but also for our readers, the user community to express their voice, help me with my task (by, for example, contacting these companies on the social media) and be present as well.

These events are made for us and they need us -- all of us -- to thrive.

So, here it goes: my open-letter to the helicopter flight simulation companies.


FlightSim Expo 2019's date and location was announced today. I am trying hard to contact developers that could help increase the presence of the helicopter flight simulation community - both hardware and software.

I would love to see your company there, helping us have a bigger presence and get our voice heard. I know it's still a bit early to make any decisions and the FSE organization is not accepting registrations yet. Nonetheless I think the best time to try and get something like this to happen is as soon as possible so that companies can have time to think about it.

I hope you consider attending the Expo. It would mean a lot to all of us, helicopter flight simulation fans. I know it's a big effort but it's one I believe it will pay off later down the road as we get more people to get into I will come back to this later down the road (closer to the end of the year) but I would like to get this to be on the back of your mind.

Thank you for your time and for your commitment with the helicopter flight simulation community.

Sérgio Costa

About Sérgio Costa

Sérgio has been a flight simulation enthusiast for nearly 25 years. His passion with helicopters developed during MSFS 2000 when he discovered the complexity of these aircraft and the challenge it was to control them.

Since then he has been primarily a helicopter flight simmer, trying his best not to crash and kill all his virtual passengers.

Sérgio is HeliSimmer.com's editor and writer and one of the Three Grumpy Simmers, a YouTube series and Podcast produced together with YouTubers Bel Geode and NovaWing24, obviously dedicated to flight simulation.


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