Terrain Append for X-Plane

These decals simulate grass/gravel, which allows you to better judge your altitude when flying low. Ortho4XP textures are usually bland

and very "smooth" and your brain has a hard time judging the distance of your aircraft to the ground. This is particularely important

if you are flying helicopters.



  •  Added the ability to select multiple folders (which is saved);


  •  Added the ability to remove the decals;
  •  Program now checks if the decals are already present so that it doesn't add the decal line twice;
  •  Running as admin is now mandatory (due to folder permission issues);
  •  Added the ability to select a folder and all its subfolders by shift+clicking the checkboxes;


  • Added the ability to remember the last folder used;


  • Initial release;


I'd like to thank HappyCamper for coming up with this decal technique and Bel Geode for the encouragement and making me release this to all of you. And, of course, the amazing community at HeliSimmer.com and our Facebook Group. Come join us!