2FlyRealDynamics for the freeware Hughes 500D for X-Plane

2FlyRealDynamics for the freeware Hughes 500D for X-Plane

Freeware Hughes 500D for X-Plane

Updated on September 09, 2019.

2FlyReal Dynamics is an advanced plugin which introduces into the X-Plane flight model some helicopter characteristics such as translational lift, translating tendency, ground effect and vortex ring state.

It introduces blade slap and cockpit vibration sounds as well, in situations such as high-g maneuvering, fast pitch changes and approach descents.

The plugin was designed for professional use by Carlos Palacio for 2FlySim. This is a freeware copy and it is limited to the freeware Hughes 500D by BrettS available here.

With any other model the plugin simply will not work. The blade slap and cockpit vibration sounds contained in the plugin folders are from an AW139.

Feel free to change them if you wish. The author of the sound files is Marco Ferrarello.

Theory used in this plugin is taken from the book "Helicopter Test and Evaluation" (2002), Alastair K. Cooke and Eric W. H. Fitzpatrick, Blackwell Science Ltd, Oxford.

As a freeware software, this plugin is intended only for personal use. It is forbidden any professional or commercial use of it. Use it under your responsibility. And have fun.

How to install

Please read the documentation included in the file.

File information

File name 2FlyRealDynamics.zip
File size 2.3 MB
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Carlos Palacio

About Carlos Palacio

My name is Carlos Palacio and I'm nearly 40 years old. My relation with helicopters started when I joined the Spanish Air Force in 1997. First I worked as a helicopter mechanic and soon I promoted to officer and became a helicopter pilot.

I served as a Search and Rescue pilot for 9 years in the 802 Sqn. based in the Gando Air Base, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands. I have logged more than 2000 flight hours, most of them in AS332 Super Puma and in off-shore operations.

I'm keen on flight simulators, which I use for my own training and I enjoy 'tweaking' helicopter models to make them more realistic. At this moment I'm developing an AW139 SAR model for FSX and P3D while studying a Master on Business Administration.


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