Krabi Outback for X-Plane

The scenery is located in Thailand and a extension of reality. Its Part 3 of my personal playground - a sandbox to try out what i have learned so far in Scenery Design.

Although this semifictional scenery has been awaited for a long time in the ORG forum, I have decided to favor the HeliSimmer community by publishing the project exclusively via for many reasons. But mainly because of all the groups that I met over the time, I consider them the best. Familiar, responsive, humorous and technically specialized. Since I have no money to donate, I  would like to give the community something back. A scenery optimized for HeliSimmers with many Details to explore and more than 15 helipads to land on.

Krabi Outback for X-PlaneKrabi Outback for X-PlaneKrabi Outback for X-PlaneKrabi Outback for X-Plane