LAPD repaint for the DreamFoil AS350

This is a repaint for the DreamFoil Creations AS350 recreating the livery used by the LAPD Air Support Division.

LAPD repaint for the DreamFoil AS350

As taken from Wikipedia:

The Los Angeles Police Department Air Support Division (ASD) is the airborne law enforcement program of the LAPD. It is the largest municipal airborne law enforcement organization in the United States[1] and operates from the LAPD Hooper Heliport.

While originally devoted to aerial traffic enforcement, it has grown to support a wide variety of police activity. Today, its operations are divided between Air Support To Regular Operations (ASTRO) and Special Flight Section (SFS). The ASD motto is The mission is the same, only the vehicle has changed. The Air Support Division currently operates 19 aircraft of 2 different models, and maintains the largest municipal police aviation unit around the world, in addition to having the world's largest roof-top airport and world's busiest heliport.

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