Mil Mi-2 updated for X-Plane 11

Mil Mi-2 from Mins, it was made for X-Plane 9.x, was working fine in X-Plane 9.x and 10.x, but in X-Plane 11 it caught fire just after lift off.

Modified it, so it can fly in X-Plane 11 now.

Still a lot of things to do, but finally it is usable!


  • Sergei Mironov for the original modell
  • @nicolas for let me release this update
  • big thanks to my friend @nhadrian, who is helping me a lot! don't forget to check out his Cessna 152 modification!



  • Heat haze reposition at engine 1
  • Some ACF tweaks (now she flies a bit easier, not that sensitive)
  • Transmission losses changed
  • Transponder
  • Configuration window (it is accessible via the CNF button on the transponder)


  • No more seperate ACF files, both ACF is the same, AviTab can be turned on/off above the RW3 light indicator
  • Rain effect by Virtual Arantis Airways ported from the C172 to the Mi-2, no animations just rain droplets on glasses (it can be turned on/off, click on the centre of the ventilator on your dash)
  • Visible GPU (when battery switch is on external power and on ground)
  • Some ACF modifications - limits, sling load max weight, etc.
  • New updated manual for the X-Plane 11 version (thanks to Roland!)
  • Pilot on board (used's pilot collection)
  • Sling load (there is a loadable object in the slungloads folder, you can use existing load from Bell 407 or 412 for example)
  • Rotor blur transparency finally fixed, a script switches an external and an internal rotor, no more blue borders around rotor blades


  • Thanks to NHAdrian and Joe Kipfer (SimVRLabs) VR manipulators and config, stick, throttle, collective now stick to the VR controller
  • External tanks now only shown if you tank more than 600kgs of fuel, if in-air fuel goes below 600 tanks won't fall off, you have to land to remove the tanks
  • Pilot's Operation Handbook and Maintenance Handbook added (in manuals folder as pdf files), you can read them in AviTab at Plane Manual


  • xPad added to VR users, you can find it below the centre console (thanks to Fergus Moloney)
  • Ground Service / loadout picture a little bit clarified (thanks to Roland)


  • small fixes (compass, manipulators, added a missing wav file )
  • heat haze at engines (more eyecandy)


  • several fixes (mostly textures)
  • AviTab version fixed (right panel has missing texture)
  • static texture based reflections removed, added full dynamic reflections to glass surfaces (cockpit, instruments, etc)
  • NML textures
  • interior panel instruments lighting temporary workaround: turn on the red light switches at the right panel and twist the overhead light knobs, this will light up the instruments with a red lighting.


  • ACF file converted from XPL9 to (XP10 then to) XPL11
  • Added an AviTab version
  • Small tweaks


First release