AW139 9Y-AG314


  • It's a 'clean' version without notable weathering effects. If you know how to make that you have my permission.
  • I tried to add some details and accents (outside: lines, markings, panels; inside: lifejackets, helmets; etc) after studying several pictures.
  • The colours was a bit of a guess because I couldn't retrieve the Federal Standard or RAL numbers for the colours. Hopefully it comes near the real thing :)
  • The patch on the right arm of the uniform is a bit blurry. I couldn't find a good picure of it. I did ask around but until now without succes...
  • the emblem of TTAG at the front is blurry. Sorry, I can't change that.
  • Pictures of the models show variation (with or without flir and search light). The base model is with both.


  • I've added an extra '' file (file_exterior_3_noreg), the one without the registration markings, so you can make one of the other if you want (311,312,313)