AW139 repaint - HMCG for Carlos Palacio's AW139

This is a repaint of a AW139 heli of Her Majesty's Coast Guard, UK, registration G-CILP, based at St. Athan (former RAF St. Athan), Wales.

It is for the beautiful freeware ICARO/Carlos Palacio AW139 V.2 FSX/P3D model.

AW139 repaint - HMCG


  • It's a 'clean' version without notable weathering effects - the heli's are kept clean as far as the pictures show :).
  • I tried to add some details and accents (outside: lines, markings, panels; inside: lifejackets, helmets; etc) after studying several pictures.
  • The colours was a bit of a guess but opefully it comes near the real thing :)
  • The patch on the right arm of the uniform is left open. Some uniforms don't have one and there is a variety, also in uniforms and lifejackets. The patch on the left shoulder is also a bit of a guess, because of the variety (also name patches...)
  • The ''file is the same as the one from the base package. I don't have the skills yet to alter it to a one that fits the HMCG one (reflections of the pilots).
  • The search light is a white one. Making the glass coloured is not possible - it's a model issue :)


I've added a few extra '' files for the heli's with the registrations G-CIJN (based at St. Athan), G-CIJX (based at Lydd) and G-CIJW (based at Lydd). So you can 'pick and choose' (don't forget to change the aircraft.cfg file!)

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Egbert Jans

About Egbert Jans

Egbert grew up in an area in the North of The Netherlands where on an daily basis military planes flew at 250 feet over the rooftops: F-104, NF-5, British Jaguars, A-10, Alpha Jet, F-4, F-15, German Transall, F-16 and other. Plastic modelling, making slides and pictures at airbases became a passion as well as aerospace in general. He wanted to become a pilot, but later on in life became a full-time pastor. The love for aerospace never dimmed and flightsimming started with fs9 and later on fsx and p3dv4. He especially likes bush-flying and heli flying - also because of the geographical knowlegde and curiosity. For fs9/fsx he made repaints for the Carenado C206 of the Mission Aviation Fellowship and JAARS, using these also with simflying for charity purposes and offcourse making others enthousiast for the awesome experience of flying!