AW139 repaint - HMCG


  • It's a 'clean' version without notable weathering effects - the heli's are kept clean as far as the pictures show :).
  • I tried to add some details and accents (outside: lines, markings, panels; inside: lifejackets, helmets; etc) after studying several pictures.
  • The colours was a bit of a guess but opefully it comes near the real thing :)
  • The patch on the right arm of the uniform is left open. Some uniforms don't have one and there is a variety, also in uniforms and lifejackets. The patch on the left shoulder is also a bit of a guess, because of the variety (also name patches...)
  • The ''file is the same as the one from the base package. I don't have the skills yet to alter it to a one that fits the HMCG one (reflections of the pilots).
  • The search light is a white one. Making the glass coloured is not possible - it's a model issue :)


I've added a few extra '' files for the heli's with the registrations G-CIJN (based at St. Athan), G-CIJX (based at Lydd) and G-CIJW (based at Lydd). So you can 'pick and choose' (don't forget to change the aircraft.cfg file!)