AW139 repaint - HMCG

HMCG repaint for the AW139 by Carlos Palacio.

AW139 - HMCG

Product Currently being worked on

1. Vanguard London

2. AW139 re-paint (HMGC and Bristow)

Future releases:

1. EGLW - London

2. Milton Kenyes

3. Lee on Solent

4. Ascot heliport

5. Multi Hospitals and landing pads

All for Xplane and P3d V4 and all FREE!!!!

I do this in my own time, I am not paid - Therefore, there are no timelines!

You can get the original aircraft here.

AW139 - HMCG AW139 - HMCG AW139 - HMCG

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Craig Tomkins

About Craig Tomkins

I remember the days of flight sim when you flow around with two sticks!!!! I have been around a while!! Coder, re-painter, Blender creator and designer.