Virtavia Sikorsky CH-53A Muppets

Three exclusive repaints for of the Virtavia Sikorsky CH-53A in the Muppets, Heavy Lift liveries. Do Not Post to any other site!

Virtavia Sikorsky CH-53A Muppets

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David Robles

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Directly involved with the development and integration of the core avionics Operational Flight Programs (OFP); AIM-7 with Pulse Doppler; Illumination (PDILL); APG-68(V)8, F503 Radar; Improved Data Modem (IDM); Harpoon anti-ship missile; Advanced Identification Friend or Foe (AIFF); Advanced Video Tape Recorder (AVTR); ARC-182 UHF/VHF radio; ARC-190 HF radio; Sharpshooter Targeting Pod. Follow Link for full History and Bio:

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