Icaro AW139 for FSX and P3D (updated)

  Updated AW139 from Icaro. Everything was updated and new models were added: a short-nose HEMS version and a HEMS version with no floats.

Icaro AW139 for FSX and P3D (updated)

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Carlos Palacio

About Carlos Palacio

My name is Carlos Palacio and I'm nearly 40 years old. My relation with helicopters started when I joined the Spanish Air Force in 1997. First I worked as a helicopter mechanic and soon I promoted to officer and became a helicopter pilot. I served as a Search and Rescue pilot for 9 years in the 802 Sqn. based in the Gando Air Base, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands. I have logged more than 2000 flight hours, most of them in AS332 Super Puma and in off-shore operations. I'm keen on flight simulators, which I use for my own training and I enjoy 'tweaking' helicopter models to make them more realistic. At this moment I'm developing an AW139 SAR model for FSX and P3D while studying a Master on Business Administration.

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