3D printing files for GTN 750 Bezel

All the files necessary to print a bezel for the GTN 750.

Through these instructions you can easily build a second screen with a frame that simulates the Garmin GTN 750 for computer flight simulation. Just move the pop-up window from your Reality XP GTN 750 plugin.

At the end of the project, you will have both the buttons and the rotary encoders with fully functional push buttons, as well as the touch screen that allows you access to all the browser functions.

3D printed GTN 750 Bezel

The dimensions are not exactly the same as the original Garmin, I have been unable to find an inexpensive screen the size of the original. The end result is good and does not deform the graphical interface excessively.


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Ernesto Navarro

About Ernesto Navarro

After many years watching airplanes and helicopters take off from his job as an airport firefighter, the curiosity of how airplanes work led Ernesto to simulation. Now, he is passionate about helicopters. Thanks to his 3d printer, he is now materializing several hardware projects for simulation and happily breaking his brain in the process.


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