TAW: The Art of Warfare

TAW is a gamer/simmer organization that was born 15 years ago, in 2011, when a group of folks started playing Delta Force: Land Warrior together.

The flight simmers

TAW: The Art of Warfare

From them on, the group has grown and has expanded to accommodate some 2800+ members which are spread across several groups that play dozens of different games. One of these groups plays DCS and they take it very seriously.

The group is formed by 70+ simmers across the globe that fly in a combined virtual warfare environment with pretty much all the modern aircraft available in DCS: the A-10C, SU-25, F-15, Mirage 2000C and SU-27 on the fixed-wing side and the Mi-8, UH-1, Gazelle and Ka-50 on the rotor wing side.

They also use real people to perform JTAC (Joint Terminal Attack Controller) and ATC duties, which increases the level of realism and also the fun factor.

The DCS group is split into 2 divisions: North America and Europe and they meet at different times although, as far as I could understand, on the same day.

The groups are also divided into smaller teams (called fireteams) which have their own time for weekly training missions. One or two training events are offered every week. The group has several Training Instructors who ware experts in their respective aircraft and offer personal training, as well as a plethora of documents explaining the most important features that the new recruits need to know.

Qualification badges are offered per each level a pilot advances into, so everyone always has something to aim for and an incentive to progress. These folks mean business.


TAW: The Art of Warfare

All missions are flown on Sundays but the planning starts well before that. Every Tuesday the fireteam leaders decide upon the missions that are to be played. Fifteen minutes prior to the mission start, the group meets online and get briefed. This briefing is also posted on the website at least a couple of days before the event so that everyone gets a heads up and can be better prepared.

This makes it easier for everyone to understand the missions and reduces the time spent on the briefing which, I assume, works as a way to remove any doubts and get everyone up to speed rather quickly.

The helicopter team

TAW: The Art of Warfare

The helicopter team is a rather small one inside the group -- as we are used to in the flightsim community already -- and is comprised of only 5 members.

These are provided with attack, Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) and troop deployment missions. Joining such a team does not only mean you will spend your time with other people, but also that you will learn new things every time, work as a team and be part of an amazing group that takes simulation very seriously.

TAW is currently looking for more helicopter pilots so, if this is your thing, you should perhaps give them a chance and join the ranks.

TAW: The Art of Warfare TAW: The Art of Warfare TAW: The Art of Warfare

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You can find more information about TAW here. For specific information about the DCS group, head out here.

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