Mobile simming: will Infinite Flight have helicopters in a near future?

Mobile simming is not exactly the best environment for simming but a lot of simmers love it and some have asked us: will Infinite Flight have helicopters?

Infinite Flight

Every now and then we are away from our dear, dear computers, with some time to kill and our fingers itching for some nice flying.

Infinite Flight is one of the few flight simulators for mobile out there that really cut it and they are usually very active in the community (and participate on some events as well).

It’s a sim highly regarded by a lot of members in the community and a few have contacted me asking if I know anything about the possibility of Infinite Flight ever having helicopters.

So, I had to ask. And I got an answer.

The folks over at Infinite Flight were amazing and replied to me promptly. As usual, there’s no easy answer and no definite yes or no but, rather, a “it’s planned but not right now” kind of response from Jason Rosewell:

Helicopters and other types of aircraft are something that we’re looking at eventually for Infinite Flight. They are on our development roadmap, but unfortunately, we don’t have any timing to share at this point. Adding 3D buildings is something that we have a lot of interest in from our community and is probably one of our most requested features. Of course, our biggest challenge is the fact that we’re on mobile devices that have performance restrictions.  As we improve our simulator and put new technologies in place that allow us to push the envelope with what we can render while consuming fewer and fewer resources, buildings will come. At that point, and when our low-altitude graphics improve, helicopters will be a natural addition.

As you can see, Infinite Flight is not discarding helicopters but it’s not something they are actively working towards right now. The non-helicopter market (or, better yet, the airliner market) is still king with everyone wanting to emulate these gentle giants of the skies.

As for the twitchy hummingbirds, we’ll have to wait out. Perhaps someday we’ll have the chance to fly our helicopters in Infinite Flight. But not right now.

Sérgio Costa

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