Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 – a rotorhead call to arms

By now, it shouldn’t be a surprise for any simmer out there: Microsoft is back to the sim market. What can we do to get Microsoft’s attention to our community?

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

It shouldn’t matter if you are a fan of Sim X, Y or Z. If a new sim is in the market and it can further improve the experience we have as simmers (and, especially, as helicopter simmers), we should embrace it.

Even if it has a somewhat quirky history. The truth is: Microsoft played it right for many years and a lot of simmers still use a piece of software that’s nearly 15 years old (FSX).

Now they are back, and they seem to be stepping it up a notch.

The details are scarce (you can watch the trailer – which you’ll also find below – and follow the updates at the official website) but Microsoft indicated they will start their Insider program in August/September. Well, they’ll open up what they call the “Public Participation sign-up”. If we will actually have access meanwhile, it’s still a bit of a mistery.

We also don’t know if it will bring us any helicopters or the level of detail these will come with. Will Microsoft develop a decent flight model for helis this time? Fingers crossed.

More than just hoping the new sim brings helicopters, we can try to show ourselves as a community and do something to make it happen.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

How can we do this, you may ask?

The first step is to sign up at Microsoft’s website as an Insider and see if you can participate on the beta. Microsoft will probably open a communication channel (in the way of a forum) for us to provide feedback. By then, we can voice our opinions and, as a community, ask Microsoft not to overlook us.

Step two: join our Facebook Group. Any actions that we take, as a community, and any discussions we may have regarding our presence and the way we address Microsoft will certainly go through there.

If we all work together (and we’re nearing 6,000 members on the group), perhaps we can get Microsoft to pay a bit more of attention to our passion and make Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 a much more interesting product for us.

Sérgio Costa

About Sérgio Costa

Sérgio has been a flight simulation enthusiast for nearly 25 years. His passion with helicopters developed during MSFS 2000 when he discovered the complexity of these aircraft and the challenge it was to control them. Since then he has been primarily a helicopter flight simmer, trying his best not to crash and kill all his virtual passengers. Sérgio is's editor and writer and one of the Three Grumpy Simmers, a YouTube series and Podcast produced together with YouTubers Bel Geode and NovaWing24, obviously dedicated to flight simulation.