A lot of simmers that are still in the active, began their simming career with sims such as the ones from DI. Apache Longbow (1995) -- not to be confused with Jane's Longbow series, of which the Digital Integration sims were competitors -- and Hind (1996) allowed us to play on both sides of the Iron Curtain and take control of these great combat helicopters.

Digital Integration Apache Longbow Hind

These classic titles still stir some heavy feelings on these simmers and talking about them is usually a waterfall of great memories and hours of fun and, while the saying goes "never go back to a place where you have been happy", the truth is that a lot of us would still love to take these old titles for a spin.

Kinda like a classic car.

While finding titles like this proves to be difficult (or even impossible), websites such as GOG.com still offer them, completely legal and usually updated so they run on the most recent operating systems (usually Windows). The price? At about $5.00 each, it's practically free!

It's a great opportunity to find old games, classics or just plainly the titles that you'd love to revisit once again.

Where to find the Digital Integration Apache Longbow and Hind titles

You can find the Digital Integration Apache Longbow here and the Digital Integration Hind here.

Have fun!