About us

HeliSimmer.com exists to provide the community with a useful resource for helicopter flight simulation, as an education tool, and as a hobby, encourage others to take that leap into a career in aviation. Or simply just have fun.

On our website you will find news, articles, interviews, reviews, previews and other material that not only keep you up-to-speed with what’s going in the helicopter scene, but also help you expand your knowledge about how helicopters work and how to make the most of them in your favorite sim – we can help you choose that as well!

We are also a thriving community. Along with the website, we have a Facebook group (which is the community companion of our Facebook page), filled with wonderful people that share the same interest and passion: the passion for aviation and specifically, helicopters. 

HeliSimmer at flight simulation events

Our presence on events help us get to know the community, share our love and passion for the hobby and help others understand this particular niche inside flight simulation.

In the group you will find all kinds of people: from the casual flight simulation helicopter pilot, to the seasoned real-world pilot that uses simulators to practice real-life procedures, to student pilots or even addon developers that help bring the world of simulation a notch closer to reality. 

They all joined the community to share their passion and help others in making the most out of this amazing hobby. 

You can also find us on TwitterYouTube, and Instagram or join our community in Discord

We now wish to be more than just a hub for the community. We want to be "community ambassadors", to provide front line reports and questions on your behalf. To push our presence for all of us that love helicopters and helicopter flight simulation, to expand and improve this hobby we enjoy so much. 

Face time with Claude Vuichard, IPACS and VRMotion

Facetime with developers is very important. Here's a group photo when I met the folks from IPACS and VRMotion, as well as Mr. Claude Vuichard, in Switzerland.